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offering advice and support for parents of children from 0-18 years!

Events in Dorset

Check out the best and latest events for kids in Dorset.

Coming Soon!

Recipes for kids

How to get your kids to eat their vegetables, fun and easy recipes for children and top meal plans.

Parenting Support

We have a range of local experts in Dorset who can offer advice and support for a range of parenting issues.

Survival Squad

Meet our Survival Squad – a group of Dorset bloggers ranging from trying to conceive and IVF journeys to parenting teenagers.

Check out our Business Directory

We currently have over 60 baby businesses in Dorset in our directory offering you a variety of support, baby classes, events and services to help you through your first year of parenthood.

Coming soon – The directory is growing! We are excited to be adding businesses that cater for toddlers, kids and teenagers.

Baby & Toddlers

Read our blog posts packed full of tips for surviving those first few years from newborn to toddler. We have lots of ‘realistic’ advice for parents in Dorset. We also have a free download of the Parent Survival Guide by Lucy Parker which has lots of information to help you.

Kids & Teens

Finally out of the toddler stage….thought things were going to get easier?! Kids and tweens bring a whole new set of challenges. Read our honest blog posts for advice on these fun years. From body issues to social media we have some great advice from Dorset professionals.

Health and Support

We have a range of blogs and vlogs on keeping your family healthy in easy steps. This section of the website also offers support on things like post natal depression, baby loss and miscarriage. Local support and help in Dorset.

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