New Parent Survival Guide

The New Parent Survival Guide is full to the brim with useful information for expectant parents plus an extensive directory of many local Pre and Post Natal Services and Classes in Dorset.

Over 3000 copies of The New Parent Survival Guide and Directory have been printed and are being distributed around Dorset. It includes a wealth of information including sleep guidance, feeding information, travelling with your baby and parenting information. Rachel and Samira designed the guide and have been supported by over 60 local companies who are passionate about supporting new, local parents. They wanted to make the guide vibrant and easy to read so even tired parents will enjoy reading it!

Rachel and Samira were thrilled when they met up with Lucy to discuss the guide and directory. Lucy is passionate about helping new parents and is extremely knowledgeable. She has written the information for the guide and we are sure you will enjoy reading it.

After the amazing response from the printed guide Rachel and Samira with the help of Jill and Emma from Blossom Lane Marketing created the online hub you are now viewing. Wanting to support parents with children of all ages they have designed a website and blog catering for people with children from 0-18.

Would you like to read the printed guide for new parents? You can download it for FREE from here >

About Lucy Parker

Inspired by her own (rather turbulent) journey into parenthood Lucy has used her counselling skills and extensive knowledge in ‘biologically normal’ infant/child behaviour to support hundreds of families over the last few years.
Lucy is the Author of the New Parent Survival Guide, Founder of Tribal mamas Dorset and runs her own private Family Support practice in the heart of Bournemouth.
If you’d like to find out how she can help you, see